Our Mission

The Georgia Airports Association (GAA) is an organization dedicated to the development, growth and empowerment of all Airports in the State of Georgia. GAA stands as a strong advocate of Federal and State funding for Georgia airports and pushes for legislative changes which directly impact our members. We provide exceptional support to our membership by providing valuable educational and training resources, networking and communication resources and breaking industry news and updates.

Georgia’s Airport System

Georgia’s airport system is an extremely important and valuable transportation resource for the state’s residents, businesses, and visitors. Currently, there are 103 publicly owned airports in what we call the Georgia Statewide Aviation System. Of these 103 airports, 95 are General Aviation (GA) facilities that serve private and corporate aviation. The other 7 airports provide for commercial, or regularly scheduled airline service, in addition to serving the interests of general aviation.

Small AirplaneOf the 103 public airports in Georgia, 49 airports have less than 20 based aircraft. Because many of these airports do no rank high enough in the FAA’s priority system to receive Federal funds, the state's aviation program is often the primary source of funding available. Georgia Airports Association represents all the airports in Georgia, providing a valuable and vocal, state-wide voice for Georgia airports, small and large alike.  GAA works directly with state officials to maximize funding benefits to all Georgia airports.

Economic Impact

According to the Georgia Department of Transportation's 2020 Economic Impact Study, Georgia's 103 publicly owned, public-use airports contribute $73.7 billion of annual economic benefit to the state. These airports support over 450,500 jobs, with a total annual payroll estimated at $20 billion. See the results of this study HERE.

Georgia Airports Association works hard to promote Georgia airports by educating state and local politicians and leaders on the huge impact airports have on state and local economies. Many elected officials are unaware of the vital role that airports play in their districts, not only economically, but in connecting their regions with the rest of the state, nation and world. In today’s environment, even the smallest airport in the state has international impacts . GAA believes that when public officials and leaders are educated on the economic engine that a first-class airport provides to their hometowns and districts, the funding will follow.

Supporting Local Airports

GAA provides a networking organization for all the airports in the state. Many of the airports in the state are managed and run by a one or two person team. Many times, team members are at the airport even on a part-time basis, having other responsibilities as part of a public works department or other organization within the city or county. GAA provides a community forum, for airports of all sizes and complexities,  where questions can be asked and answered and documents and ideas shared between people in the same industry. The sharing of information and collaboration that GAA facilitates, allows our member airports to stop wasting time "reinventing the wheel" and instead, make optimal use of their often limited time and resources.