2023 Committees

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Membership Committee - Terra Winslett - Chair; Van Mills; Billy Ragan; Doug Faour; Tiffany Landry; Leigh Newton

The Membership Committee is responsible for collaborating with members and potential members in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention. 

Legislative Committee - Hugh Weaver - Chair; Andrew Wiersma; Van Mills; Dawoud Stevenson; Amber Clark; Meena Nieto; Doug Faour; Robert Burr; Terra Winslet

GAA's Legislative Committee works hand-in-hand with our lobbyist, Dentons, the largest multi-national law firm in the world, to push for legislative initiatives that matter to you, our members. In addition, the Legislative Committee works hard to keep Association members informed with regular news updates regarding airport funding initiatives and any potential legislation that might impact airports in the state of Georgia. 

Legislative News and Updates

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Marketing/Communications - Lauren Smith - Co-Chair; Dawoud Stevenson - Co-Chair; Meena Nieto; Billy Ragan; Andrew Wiersma

The Marketing committee is responsible for creating and implementing the marketing strategy for the association. They directly oversee stakeholder/member engagement, social media/web management, and all regular association communications. 

Education/Scholarship Committee - Amber Clark - Chair; Jim Galloway; Terra Winslett; Lauren Smith; Hugh Weaver; Billy Ragan; Doug Faour

The purpose of the Scholarship/Education Committee is to oversee GAA's scholarship program; to collaborate with members/sponsors for donation and funding ideas; and to engage in new recruiting/training/internship/partnership ideas to further the airport/aviation industry in Georgia.

Conference Committee - Andrew Wiersma - Chair; Amber Clark; Matthew Smith; Dawoud Stevenson; Hugh Weaver

Members of this committee will work together with the board of directors to ensure a wonderful experience for our members and sponsors at our annual conference.  


Nominating Committee - Jim Galloway - Chair; Amber Clark; Matthew Smith

The nominating committee shall provide membership a recommended slate of officers, and elected Board of Directors at least 30 days prior to the annual conference for consideration.