Join the Georgia Airports Association Today

There are numerous reasons for joining GAA. As a nonprofit, volunteer organization GAA is dedicated to the improvement of the aviation industry in Georgia and to the support of individual association members.

Through timely communication with our newsletters and regulatory briefs, GAA keeps its members aware of all that is happening in the aviation industry at the local, state, and national level. In addition to our regular newsletter, our educational opportunities (Annual Conference & Expo) are always publicized well in advance to all members.

At our Annual Conference & Expo, GAA plans education sessions tailored to general aviation and commercial service airports.

One of the most important functions of the Association, GAA monitors legislation that affects our industry and through the efforts of our Governmental Affairs Liaison, Dentons US LLP. GAA keeps all our members apprised of recent or pending changes in legislation that may affect our industry. Regular legislative updates are distributed to members as necessary.

GAA supports legislators who uphold our interests, and through our grassroots lobbying efforts we educate lawmakers about the importance of airports and aviation and represent you at the State Capitol.

There's no better way to join a network of Georgia aviation industry professionals than to become a member of the Georgia Airports Association.

Membership Benefits

GAA can be incredibly beneficial to your airport. GAA is a volunteer organization dedicated to the improvement of the aviation industry in Georgia and to the support of association members.

Support Georgia’s Statewide Aviation System Plan
GAA is a valuable and vocal state-wide voice for Georgia’s small airports since small airports do not rank high enough in the FAA’s priority system to receive federal funds. Supporting the state’s aviation program is significant to small airports as this program provides the only source of funding for most small airports in the state.

Economic Impact
Promote and increase the economic impact that Georgia’s airports have on our communities and the state. GAA speaks for all airports within the state to get the maximum amount of financial support it can for every airport regardless of size or type.

Supporting Local Airports
Provides support for all of Georgia’s airports by being the clearinghouse for all information sharing and inquiries.

Serves as the communications platform for Georgia’s airports on all matters that impact our industry and constituents.

Serves as the professional development platform for Georgia’s airport managers, employees, and related government officials through news briefings, workshops, and our Annual Conference & Expo.

Oversees and influences legislation within the state legislature to ensure Georgia’s airports are protected and positioned well for funding.