Jim White Memorial Award

Corporate Member of the Year Award

I.          Guidelines for the Annual Corporate Award:

The award will be presented on behalf of the Georgia Airport Association (GAA) by the GAA Board of Directors to a Corporate member of the Association for:  (1) an outstanding contribution or contributions to the Georgia State Aviation Systems Plan over an extended period of time; (2) an individual or corporate effort at a specific airport during the previous year; (3) efforts by an individual that were an inspiration and/or service during the previous year; (4) a doctrinal or technical contribution that was of specific innovative effort at an airport or was of such a magnitude that it was applicable to all airports in the state; or, (5) any combination of the above.

 Criteria to be met to qualify for the award include:

  • Corporate Member or Firm needs to be in good standing as a current member of the Georgia Airport Association.
  • Any person may submit the Nomination however the person or corporation nominated must be a member-in-good-standing of GAA.
  • All nominations shall be submitted by the due date.
  • The GAA Board of Directors shall have the final approval.
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