Guidelines for the GAA Airport Project of the Year.

 The awards (Commercial Service Airport and General Aviation Airport) will be presented on behalf of the Georgia Airport Association (GAA) by the GAA Board of Directors for: (1) a project that significantly improves airport capacity; (2) a project that significantly improves airport safety; (3) a project that was significantly innovative or of such magnitude that its principles can be applied to numerous airports in the state; (4) a project that required/demonstrated extraordinary resourcefulness; or, (5) any combination of the above.  

Criteria to be met to qualify for the award include:

  • Project must have been completed in the previous 18 months.
  • Project should demonstrate it was completed to the satisfaction of the Airport Owner/Sponsor:
  1. on-time according to contract schedule
  2. constructed within established budget
  3. quality of work product meets industry standard or better, and
  4. project management was conducted properly throughout the project duration including closeout.
  • All nominations shall be submitted by the due date.  
  • The GAA Board of Directors shall have the final approval.
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