GAA James Stogner Award

Dedicated Airport Professional of the Year

1.  Guidelines for the GAA James Stogner Dedicated Airport Professional of the Year Award.

The award will be presented on behalf of the Georgia Airport Association (GAA) by the GAA Board of Directors to an airport employee for (1) an outstanding contribution or contributions to the Georgia State Aviation Systems Plan; (2) an individual effort at airport/s in the state of Georgia over the course of their career; (3) efforts by an individual that showed leadership and dedication during their career; (4) a demonstrated commitment to the Georgia Airports Association and the airport management profession; or, (5) any combination of the above. 

Criteria to be met to qualify for the award include:

  • Airport Management Professional needs to be in good standing as a current member of the GAA.
  • Any person may submit the Nomination however the person nominated must be a member in-good-standing of GAA.
  • All nominations shall be submitted by the due date.
  • The GAA Board of Directors shall have the final approval.
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