GAA Networking Activities and Thursday Evening President's Event

Great Dunes Course Jekyll Island, GA. 

Famed course designer Walter “Old Man” Travis put his stamp on Jekyll Island when he constructed Great Dunes in 1926. Summoned to the Island by some of the nation’s most elite families during the Club Era, Travis created the best course money could buy.

Swept with oats and reflective of the Island’s unique coastal terrain, Great Dunes’ 9-holes alternate in difficulty and simplicity, creating a stimulating round on the links.

Jekyll Island became a testing ground for the future of golf. In 1924, the USGA tested new steel clubs in favor of original hickory shafts and ball size & density tests were conducted, all of which changed the game of golf forever.

Great Dunes Course Map 

Join us for a tour of the Low Country history aboard the String of Pearls

(String of Pearls cruise is almost at capacity. Check with on-site registration for possible cancellations.)

Enjoy a leisurely cruise aboard String of Pearls through the St. Simons sound. Bottlenose dolphins, roseate spoonbills, brown pelicans, and woodstorks often accompany us. This is our version of a dolphin tour since this is not your regular cruise. We often see dolphins, It never gets old!

Designed by Geerd Hendel, String of Pearls was built in 1957 in Camden, Maine by Malcolm Brewer, the preeminent wooden boat builder of his time.  Originally named Pearl Necklace, the 71 ft. Yacht was a gift to the owner’s wife who had requested a simple strand of pearls for her birthday.  The owner drove PT boats in World War II so the yacht was equipped with four engines. She was built for speed and raced neighbor Jack Kennedy's sportfishing boat Marlin on Cape Cod Bay as well as the Nantucket ferry. She was at one time the fastest boat in New England. 

Built of mahogany and teak, String of Pearls is 71 feet long, 16 feet wide, and displaces 40 tons, yet she can achieve a speed of 24 knots.  She is a coast guard inspected vessel and is certified to carry 36 guests. Every year she is subjected to extremely thorough safety inspections.

After the original owner sold the boat, it was purchased and restored in Newport, Rhode Island, and chartered throughout New England for 21 years.  Numerous celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, Harrison Ford, many statesmen and a couple of princesses have enjoyed the boat over the years.   

Join us for a guided tour of Jekyll Island's history on the Lighthouse Trolley


CroquetCroquet on the Resort Lawn

The history of croquet dates back several centuries and has evolved through various forms across different cultures. The origins of the modern game can be traced to 19th-century England. The game was popularized during the Victorian era and gained significant attention among the upper classes. The objective is to strike wooden balls with a mallet, maneuver them through the hoops, and hit a center peg to win.

Croquet became a popular pastime among social elites in the United States in the late 1800's and early 1900's - the golden era of the Jekyll Island Club. Sign up to play the historical game on the beautiful front lawn of the Jekyll Island Club.  A peaceful networking event where you can enjoy the outdoors, relish the rhythmic clack of mallets, and savor the satisfaction of completing challenging shots.

President's Function: Dinner in the Grand Dining Room

Step back into the golden age of the Jekyll Island Club for our 1920's themed dinner. Munsey’s Magazine once called it, “the richest, the most exclusive, the most inaccessible club in the world.” Experience fine dining in the same halls where names like Rockefeller, Morgan, Vanderbilt, Pulitzer, and Baker rubbed shoulders. 

Cap off dinner with drinks at the lobby bar while chatting amongst the wooden bookshelves of the Alexander Lounge. Don't miss this delightful dinner to network and enjoy the rich history of the Jekyll Island Club. 1920's attire is encouraged!