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American Airports Corporation is the largest manager, operator and developer of airports in the United States. American Airports (AAC) manages five County of Los Angeles Airports, and other general aviation facilities in Tacoma, Washington, and Barrow and Coweta County's in Georgia. Air Carrier facilities operated by AAC includes Altoona-Blair County, PA; Midway Islands; and the recent addition of New Orleans Lakefront Airport. AAC is in the final stage of FAA approval for a fifty-year lease for Lakefront, one of only two airports in the country to have been approved through the FAA Pilot Privatization Program. AAC also provides support services for the County of Los Angeles Fleet Management Services.

AAC is headquartered in Santa Monica, California with an additional corporate office in Atlanta, Georgia. Scott Fuller, Vice-President of Airports, oversees Airports and Government Services. Robert Clifford, Executive Vice-President, heads Business Development, and Kris Thabit, COO, Company Operations. Chairman and CEO is David Price who is also Chairman and CEO of American Golf Corporation, the largest golf management company in the world, with management or ownership of over 320 public and private golf courses and over 20,000 employees. David Hinson former Administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration also sits on the Board of Directors of the firm.

With the exception of Newnan-Coweta, and Midway Airports, AAC provides all capital for the operation of airports in addition to providing for new facilities. With its extensive real estate network, marketing experience and strategic alliances, AAC has embarked on an aggressive expansion program directed at the development of airport facilities to include, corporate flight, cargo, terminals, FBO's, and aviation industrial parks.